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Open source software is more trustworthy than using a cloud service, according to a 2012 study by a distinguished British IT expert, Professor Jim Norton FREng. The “Open for Business” study was underwritten by travel industry IT services group Amadeus.

“The benefits to enterprise customers are manifold and include greater and swifter innovation, increased responsiveness, enhanced systems accessibility and support,” wrote the professor in a blog. “The first two in particular make the open systems as much a business as an IT issue.”

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Cloud interoperability issues

Professor Norton warns about cloud interoperability issues, and says it’s too difficult to audit the security of hosted services. He says open source software is probably 20 percent cheaper than cloud services.

Also, he says customers of businesses using open source systems will also benefit.

“These include lower total cost of ownership, the ability to attract highly skilled and talented staff, quicker access to new technology developments and access to a global community for quick problem resolution,” the professor explains.

Not a slam dunk

But moving to open source systems is not a slam dunk. It might not be suitable for all organizations.

“Some of the learnings include: Ensuring that there is a common support team for both the new and current systems, being realistic about the amount of resources required, only transferring what you need and using the transition as an opportunity for a cleanup of systems architecture,” he writes.

“Even in demanding high-volume transaction processing environments, open systems have proven not just fit for purpose, but critical to helping industries as diverse as financial services, banking and transport to adapt and transform how they operate,” he points out.

While Professor Norton says open source software is ideal with “greater agility and cost reduction” for the travel industry, other sectors should consider it.

“With information now one of the world’s most powerful currencies, and innovation and speed of response key competitive weapons, open systems will be crucial to underpinning the winning commercial strategies of the future in all sectors,” he asserts.

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“Everybody gets so much information all day long that they lose their common sense.”
-Gertrude Stein


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