“Congratulations America! With the sequestration implemented, we finally cut spending! Right? Wrong! Unfortunately, the American public has just been deceived by politicians and the mainstream media.”

-Charlie Kirk, a concerned teenager 

Can you believe such insights from a 19-year-old? In his post entitled, “How Baseline Budgeting is Bankrupting My Generation,” Mr. Kirk gives a primer on how elected officials are destroying his future and America’s economy.

It was published March 9, 2013 on FindLaw – Legal Professional News and Townhall.

American flag Stuart Miles“For the sake of my generation, I hope Washington and the mainstream media begin to tell the truth about why government spending is out of control,” he wrote. “Otherwise, today’s youth will become the first generation to be worse off than the previous generation.”

Mr. Kirk argues that Congress and President Obama talk about sequestration as though they’re actually about cutting their spending. He successfully argues that it’s not true – they’re misrepresenting their fiscal behavior.

Such temerity from a teenager – he says the meaning of spending cuts depends on your definition of the phrase.

“During the past few weeks, we have been told these sequester ‘cuts’ will be detrimental to firefighters, teachers and seniors,” wrote Mr. Kirk. “In order to realize what they mean by a ‘cut,’ we must first look at the definition of ‘cut.’”

Obviously, he’s pragmatic thinker.

“A cut, according to Washington math, means a reduction in the amount of increased spending,” he stated. “The mainstream media and demagogues in Washington are trying to keep our citizens in the dark by neglecting to point out that the net result of these ‘cuts’ is actually an increase in spending!”

Baseline budgeting

The 19-year-old explains baseline budgeting.

“The beginning of baseline budgeting started in 1974 with the Congressional Budget Act signed by President Nixon,” he pointed out. “This bill required the Office of Management of Budget to release projections of federal spending for the upcoming fiscal year.

“These projections are designed to naturally anticipate population growth, inflation and other market tendencies,” he wrote. “When baseline budgeting was implemented, it gave Congress a ‘baseline’ of spending from the previous year.

“For example, if Congress allocated $50 billion last year to the Department of State, then the next year their budget would automatically start with the ‘baseline’ of $50 billion.

“When you incorporate the automatic increases in spending, for example, a 10 percent increase, then spending would increase to $55 billion without Congress acting at all,” he wrote. “This system of budgeting is extremely dangerous for many reasons.”


He warns the federal spending could increase by 100 percent in 10 years, if it’s automatically increased annually – even though Congress will continue to fail to vote on such increases. Mr. Kirk knows that federal expenditures – on autopilot – balloon by 7 percent each year.

“I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

-Charles de Gaulle

Using a car metaphor, this means the government is out of control and won’t be able to bring the heavy spending to a halt.

“Where are the leaders who have the courage to disengage this dysfunctional cruise control and put on the brakes?” he asks. “Baseline budgeting is dangerously deceptive to the American people because while politicians and the media talk about spending cuts, government spending and borrowing is actually increasing adding to the debt being passed down to my generation.

“Baseline budgeting is bankrupting my generation and stealing the future from children not old enough to vote yet,” he adds. “Big government advocates love baseline budgeting because they can increase spending while, in the next breath, proclaim they cut spending!”

He illustrates his point about disingenuous government spending by comparing the politicians’ practice with a hypothetical American family that has to cut its budget to survive.

It was heartwarming to learn that young America has such an astute spokesperson. He’s right. The media, Congress and President Obama need to do the right thing.


The only thing I’d add to Mr. Kirk’s comments is that the government-spending nightmare is horribly exacerbated because the U.S. Senate hasn’t passed a federal budget in four years.

The House of Representatives has done its budgeting homework each year. It continually sends its budget proposals to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, but he refuses to allow a budget discussion. Hence, no Senate vote and no federal budget. Meantime, the nation’s deficit is approaching $17 trillion.

It’s unconscionable.

Furthermore, the news media should do its job to report Mr. Reid’s shocking behavior, and the consequences. Members of the Senate should openly discuss the federal budget and demand to vote on it. Mr. Obama should submit affordable ideas and work with Congress.

From the Coach’s Corner, Mr. Kirk is the founder of Turning Point USA, www.turningpointusa.net, “a national student organization dedicated towards educating young people about fiscally conservative values,” according to the Web site. You’ll discover a bevy of excellent commentaries by our leaders of the future.

“I have come to the conclusion that politics is too serious a matter to be left to the politicians.”

-Charles de Gaulle


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