Judging by reader preferences in 2013, businesses were on tight budgets because the most-popular topic featured five tools to run and market a business. It was No. 1 for five months.

Other popular topics dealt with customer relationship management and search-engine optimization; the differences between leaders and managers; how to deal with an abusive boss; and financial-turnaround tips for struggling businesses.

Compared to reader preferences in recent years, the 2013 trends were a lot different. (More on that below in the “Coach’s Corner.”)

Here are 2013’s most-read articles:

January – First impressions are important in business, but it’s possible to create favorable impressions on tight budgets.

Readers from startups and established companies, alike in January, favored 5 Tools to Operate, Market Your Business.

February – Difficult economic conditions have exacerbated the woes facing many businesses.

But business success is possible for companies suffering through red ink.

No. 1 February was Step-by-Step Solutions for a Company Turnaround.

March – the most read article was 5 Tools to Operate, Market Your Business.

April 5 Tools to Operate, Market Your Business.

May 5 Tools to Operate, Market Your Business.

June – 5 Tools to Operate, Market Your Business.

July – While it’s desirable to take steps for Internet prominence en route to higher sales. But the No. 1 article, CRM and SEO Strategies for Higher Sales, warned against taking shortcuts. It explained the necessity for building brand equity brick by brick with customer relationship management, which works best with search-engine optimization.  

August – CRM and SEO Strategies for Higher Sales.

September – It’s true managers can display leadership qualities.

Conversely, leaders can be good managers.

The salient distinction boils down to how professionals inspire their staffs and other stakeholders.

In citing a role model, the legendary UCLA basketball coach John Wooden, the most-read article was 10 Key Differences between Leaders and Managers.

October 10 Key Differences between Leaders and Managers.

November – Organizations achieve success when well-managed, and employees are treated well. Apparently, many professionals don’t feel they’re treated well. The dominant topic was How To Deal With An Oppressive Employer.

December How To Deal With An Oppressive Employer.

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From the Coach’s Corner, reader preferences changed in 2013 from previous years:

For example, in 2012, strategies for human resources departments dominated in reader preferences in eight out of the 12 months.  (See: 2012’s most-read Biz Coach articles.)

In 2011, the most-read articles dealt with career development, marketing and WIFI security. (See: 2011′s most-read Biz Coach articles.)

“Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.”

-Dale Carnegie


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