Updated July 4, 2010

Agreed, healthcare is expensive and too many American businesses and workers can’t afford it. Healthcare reform is a great idea if it benefits the welfare of the United States and the citizenry.

So let’s consider the issue and agree on these benchmarks as goals:

  • Increase access to healthcare
  • Provide affordable insurance
  • Improve healthcare quality and optimize the safety of patients 

Unfortunately, Congress failed to achieve such lofty goals with the legislation.

We’ve heard a lot about the requirement for universal participation that would require expensive penalties for nonparticipants. Additionally, in a Boston Globe column, CPA Jamie Downey warned the bill contained 19 tax increases: Tax increases abound in healthcare reform legislation.

Polls show more than half of Americans still oppose the controversial healthcare reforms.

The so-called reform presents new unforeseen costs. Congress has already raised the national debt limit to $14 trillion. The unemployment nightmare is heartbreaking to millions of Americans. And there are “New Threats to Economic Liberty: Cap-and-Trade, Spending Bills.”

The deficit is a quagmire that few in Congress and the Obama Administration lack the wisdom and the will to correct. The economy and job creation should have been the priority.

In a side debate, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid reportedly said future Congresses cannot repeal parts of his bill. On the floor, Sen. Jim DeMint (R-SC) pointed out hidden changes to Senate rules in the bill cannot be repealed by future Congresses.

In a television interview, Nebraska Gov. Dave Heineman said Sen. Nelson’s maneuver for favortism to his state embarrassed him.

The governor should be embarrassed.

But the tyrannical reform nonsense may become meaningless. Look for the courts to act. The Associated Press reported that seven state attorneys general are investigating the Nelson extortion. They include Alabama, Colorado, Michigan, North Dakota, South Carolina, Texas and Washington.

Being based in the greater Seattle area, I am pleased by the common sense of Washington Attorney General Rob McKenna for opposing the chicanery – besides, forcing Americans to buy anything is un-American.

Nonetheless, the administration and Congress are defied the will of the people.

Healthcare reform is a failure for America and its workers, and is disastrous for business. While the goal is admirable, the resulting emotional and financial stresses on government, employers and workers defeat the purpose. The associated figurative and literal costs are prohibitive. And the means to the end are disingenuous.

Our economic and political liberties are being stolen from us.

So meet your oxymorons: Healthcare reform and public servants.

From the Coach’s Corner, the popularity and legality of the law are still being debated: No, Health Care Reform Is Not Very Popular; ‎Healthcare reform law arguments heard in Virginia courtroom