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Initially, he first candidate for President in 2016 – Texas Republican Sen. Ted Cruz – won’t win. The Democratic candidates notwithstanding, Sen. Cruz is perhaps one of the least Republican favorites.

His campaign has also been accused of numerous dirty tricks.

For instance, in South Carolina, voters got a Spanish-language robocall claiming a fellow candidate, Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) supported amnesty. The woman in the recording emphasized the words Marco Rubio, amnista, inmigración ilegal. It was a disingenuous tactic aimed at English-speaking voters to fool them into thinking Sen. Rubio’s supporter was telephoning Hispanics and promising them amnesty.

South Carolina voters also received a robocall criticizing businessman Donald Trump for condemning the Confederate Flag.

Another pro-Cruz commercial implied Mr. Trump was pro-choice when he wasn’t.

The Cruz campaign released a Photoshopped picture of Sen. Rubio shaking hands with President Barack Obama, who is despised by most Republican voters.

In Hawaii, Sen. Cruz’s supporters blasted out an e-mail warning them not to waste a vote for Sen. Rubio claiming he was allegedly dropping his campaign.

In Iowa, Sen. Cruz’s campaign sent out e-mails to supporters to spread a rumor that Dr. Ben Carson was dropping out of the race. Sen. Cruz reluctantly apologized, and through his campaign manager under the bus and fired him.

In effect, Sen. Cruz was forced to officially announce his candidacy to get a jump start over his opponents, who all signaled they wanted to run.

Hat in the ring

“I am running for president and I hope to earn your support,” said the senator, a Tea Party favorite.

As a 44-year-old, the younger Cruz launched his bid in a speech at Liberty University in Lynchburg, Virginia.

He ostensibly announced his candidacy at the Christian college founded by the Rev. Jerry Falwell instead of his home state of Texas to capture the hearts of religious, conservative voters. Ironically, Rev. Falwell later endorsed Mr. Trump.

The former Texas Solicitor General was elected as a senator in 2012. Since then he’s been known as an uncompromising conservative on such small-government issues as the disastrous ObamaCare and on the president’s executive actions on immigration.

Sen. Cruz has also called for the abolition of the Internal Revenue Service and the Department of Education.

Should he beat the odds, as the son of an American mother and Cuban father, he would become the nation’s first Hispanic president.

He is married to Heidi Nelson Cruz, a Goldman-Sachs managing director.


His credentials weren’t well-known but they are impressive. With honors, he graduated with a B.A. from Princeton and earned a J.D from Harvard Law School.

He was part of the 1999 Bush-Cheney campaign as a domestic policy adviser – on civil and criminal justice, constitutional law, government reform and immigration. That’s where he met the woman who became his wife.

During the 2000 Florida presidential-election recounts, he helped assemble the Bush legal team and assisted in the devising of strategy and draft pleadings for the U.S. Supreme Court.

In the Bush Administration, he was the associate deputy attorney general in the Justice Department and director of policy planning at the U.S. Trade Commission.

As senator, his aggressive politicking has generated a negative image in the liberal news media. But his image contrasts with the facts.

Why his candidacy matters

He’s been a hardliner on the right side of the arguments — the trampling of economic and political freedoms:

— ObamaCare is not only unpopular with more than 50 percent of Americans, it’s dysfunctional and littered with broken promises, and is too costly

— Mr. Obama’s circumvention of Constitutional principles concerning illegal immigration

 — A reduction in the onerous size and regulations of the federal bureaucracy concerning the return of the constitutionally defined role of the federal government, including the IRS and the Department of Education

— Elimination of the U.S. national debt and wasteful federal spending

— Transparency in government

— Mr. Obama’s misguided favoritism of Iran on its nuclear programs

— Mr. Obama’s mistreatment of Israel

— A strong, secure national defense

— Opposition to gun control

These and other issues warrant a comprehensive national debate.

What Sen. Cruz must do to win 

First, he must run an honest campaign.

Secondly, he might have to deal with some baggage – his wife, Heidi. She’s taken a leave from her occupation as a Goldman Sachs’ managing director. Reportedly, one of her responsibilities in Houston was overseeing Goldman’s derivative portfolio – along with the mortgage scandals, those risky derivatives were a strategic part of the Wall Street banks’ greed that caused the trauma of the Great Recession.

A government agency’s triumph over Goldman Sachs in the controversial derivatives underscored the fear of many Americans that the market is rigged against them because Wall Street is a haven for questionable behavior. (See: Will Goldman’s Scandal Prompt Cultural Changes on Wall Street?)

Wall Street continues to prove again and again that it needs a moral compass. JP Morgan Chase was fined $20 billion in fines in 2013 and Bank of America was fined more than $16 billion for their companies’ behavior in Wall Street’s collapse in the Great Recession.

As a strict Constitutionalist, his candidacy helped to ignite a fruitful discussion of issues confronting America. We deserve nothing less.

Thirdly, another shortcoming is his lack of proven experience in budgeting and management — like the successful Ohio Governor John Kasich or Mr. Trump.

Finally, to be effective, he needs to learn from the politics of the late Presidents Ronald Reagan and Gerald Ford.

Sen. Cruz has refused to work with other conservatives and moderates like President Reagan and Mr. Ford did as Speaker of the House. Americans’ common welfare must come first; personal progress for the greatest number depends on unity of the American people.

Messrs. Reagan and Ford understood that important concept for healthy relationships.

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-Abraham Lincoln


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