If you’re like many businesspeople, you’re constantly identifying the trends with the most staying power that will benefit your company.

In addition to desktop computers, you probably already know the importance of mobile apps for your products to engage your customers on smartphones and tablets.

You also know your Web site has to be judged mobile friendly by Google or you risk losing your ranking.

So what have you decided about the use of mobile devices –bring your own devices (BYOD) – for your employees to use in the workplace?

There are pros and cons for which you should watch, according to Newsweaver (www.newsweaver.com).

Newsweaver describes itself as a global company providing innovative email solutions to internal communicators and email marketers.

The company cited these 2015 trends:

— Forty-one percent of employees do not believe that the tools their company provides actually meets their needs which is why they choose to “go rogue.”

— Three in four IT teams within an organization acknowledge that they are delivering outdated enterprise tools.

— Companies who want to retain more control of mobile adoption choose to implement enterprise apps which boost work productivity by over 34 percent.

– Forty-six percent of IT departments are not confident in their own mobile security systems effectiveness to protect company data.

Here’s a Newsweaver infographic:

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“The real problem is not whether machines think but whether men do.”

-B. F. Skinner


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