Four years after a video-watching trend that started in 2010 had escalated. In 2014, the Interactive Advertising Bureau reported a 23 percent increase in those four years.

Every second, Americans watched 11,000 videos. They totaled 28  billion video ads each month.

The data is not surprising (speaking from my career experience that includes TV journalism and countless TV commercials in marketing for clients).

Short-form Videos

Metacafe commissioned a study by Frank N. Magid Associates in 2010. It showed 80 percent of consumers prefer short-form videos. That includes movie previews, music videos and television shows.

But it represented bad news for TV producers.

Increasingly, Web site visitors enjoyed short online videos more than they liked watching them on TV.

Fifty-five percent of Web viewers enjoyed video advertisements as much or more than on they did on TV. That’s a 3 percent increase over 2009 results.

In demographics, online videos are most-popular with 18 to 24 year-olds.

Eighty-five percent of males watched Internet videos each week – a 15 percent increase over 2009.

Sixty-eight percent of females counted it as a weekly routine.

Important tips about short-form videos:

— Keep them short and break up long videos into short segments.

— Make them professional.

— Ads, before or after your videos, are OK.

Display Ads by Format

In addition to videos, probably most interesting to publishers is that a comScore report showed online ad-format preferences in the United States.

The No. 1 preference is JPEG display ads – 42.4 percent of impressions. Flash and rich-media ads total 40.3 percent of impressions.

Movement will help to catch a user’s eye. That’s why many designers use Google’s rich-media development tool: DoubleClick Studio.

Display Ads by Size

comScore also reports Leaderboard ads (728 x 90) were No. 1, preferred by 23.1 percent of respondents.

Rectangles were most-enjoyed by 23.1 percent, which were followed by medium rectangles (300 x 250) at 18.3 percent, and buttons (120 x 90) at 14.7 percent.

Google AdSense has frequently advised its publishers to insert larger-size ads — as Leaderboards, rectangles and skyscrapers. (Disclosure: The majority of this portal’s ad are inserted by AdSense.)

Note: Popup and popup under ads had less than 1 percent of the impressions.

From the Coach’s Corner, here are more video tips:

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“The beauty is [that] as companies get better and better with video, they’re also making sales in the process. This is what smart business and marketing is all about.”

– Marcus Sheridan



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