As a consultant and business-coaching writer, I enjoy doing a lot of reading. My email is filled with tons of material every day on topics ranging from finance to technology.

Sometimes, it’s hard to stay abreast of it, but it’s enjoyable and informative.

One of my favorites to at least scan is Website Magazine ( They are up-to-date on their information.

An article on how to succeed on Google by Dante Monteverde, known as the SEO Corner Columnist, is really informative and reassuring to Web site entrepreneurs.

Most Web site owners have had to work hard at mastering Google in organic search or search engine optimization (SEO). That’s true for me. Compared to Bing, Google has been quirky to say the least.

But with social media optimization (SMO), it’s getting a lot easier on Google. It’s easier on Bing and the others because of SMO.

If you’re a little late to the party, this means Google’s blended search process includes social content with the organic elements, such as images, news and videos. That’s a much easier process for most of us.

Here’s the link to the article: SEO for Google Social Search.

 Google spokesperson Matt Cutts maintains social media doesn’t impact your Web site rankings.

But an authoritative Website Magazine article by Travis Bliffen, of Stellar SEO, raises some thought-provoking questions as I point out in this article: Social Media Debate: How or Whether it Influences SEO

Further, there are  five factors to get peak Google results for your Web site.

Top sites produce a high number of Facebook and Twitter messages, but minimize the volume of ads on its pages.

And, oh, in case you’re concerned about the effect on your blog by Google’s frequent updates, don’t worry – good blogs have nothing to fear.

From the Coach’s Corner, more social media tips:

8 Basic Social Media Tips for a Newbie in E-commerce — Are you just starting out using social media? Well, if used well, social media is an excellent tool to accomplish two goals – connecting with your existing customers and attracting fans for new business.

HR-Social Media Tips for Best Employee Morale, Culture — Social media affects your company’s culture – probably as much as the employees who engage in water cooler gossip. It’s true. Your company’s reputation is affected internally and externally by social-networking sites.

Monitor Social Media to Learn What’s Said, What Isn’t — No doubt, you’ve heard the expression, “Things aren’t always as they seem.” That’s why it’s so important in careers and personal relationships to engage people – to listen, ask questions and weigh the answers. A savvy marketing executive reminds us that things aren’t always as they seem in social media, either. That by paying special attention you can better understand social-media users.

“The only thing Google has failed to do, so far, is fail.”

-John Battelle



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