How are Facebook and Twitter working for you?

Research confirmed what might be obvious. Products with a presence on Facebook and Twitter are favored by users of those social media, according to a published report in WebProNews in March 2010. The study, by Chadwick Martin Bailey and iModerate Research Technologies, indicates marketers benefit in word-of-mouth and direct sales.

File:Twitter bird logo 2012.svgWebProNews reporter Mike Sachoff wrote that 79 percent of tweeters and 60 percent of Facebook users recommend such brands to their friends.

Sixty-seven percent of tweeters and 51 percent of Facebook enthusiasts are predisposed to buying the products themselves.

Another conclusion: If a brand is not promoted on the two social mediums it is viewed in a negative light by users as not being contemporary.

And there were other interesting numbers, according to WebProNews, the 1500 respondents were asked: “What does it say about a brand if they are not involved with sites like Facebook or Twitter?”

The reporter listed these results:

  • “It’s expected that a company have some digital face – whether it’s on FB or Twitter I don’t know – but they need a strong electronic presence or you doubt their relevance in today’s marketplace.” (Females 50-54)
  • “Either they are not interested in the demographic that frequents Facebook and Twitter or they are unaware of the opportunity to get more exposure in a more interactive method.” (Males 35-39)
  •  “It shows they are not really with it or in tune with the new ways to communicate with customers.” (Females 18-24)
  • “If they’re not on Facebook or Twitter, then they aren’t in touch with the ‘electronic’ people.”  (Females 55-59)

OK, so have fun selling on Facebook and Twitter.

From the Coach’s Corner, here are three other related Biz Coach topics:

“The qualities that make Twitter seem insane and half-baked are what makes it so powerful.”

– Jonathan Zittrain


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