If you’re a small business owner, most likely you’re feeling the pain of overzealous regulation by government.

Small business owners feel the pain – losses in time and money – more readily that management in large companies. They’re closer to the cash register and have fewer resources – especially, micro businesses.

That means, in general, they’re more fiscally conservative and more likely to implement change to improve their cash flow.

In my experience, depending on the locale, the majority of small businesspeople complain of bureaucrats that make profits hard to achieve.

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Even a federal agency agrees, according to published reports. The Office of Advocacy at the Small Business Administration (SBA) states that federal rules cost business $1.1 trillion. And it costs small businesses 45 percent more than big businesses to comply.

That costs jobs.

So the SBA’s office says it’s been doing something about it with its regulatory review and reform initiative; what it calls “r3” to target regulations that are “ineffective, duplicative, or out of date.”

In 2008, it received 82 nominations for onerous rules that need reform. After two years of study, it whittled down the list. In 2010, it decided to focus on 10 federal rules that need revision.

“Only 10?” you’re thinking. Well, just as it took the SBA two years to decide on 10 finalist rules, getting government to reform anything takes years. So let’s congratulate the agency for its efforts.

In difficult situations, a positive attitude works wonders. The place to start is to chart progress. It’s a healthy exercise to focus on what’s right than on what’s wrong. Relish your progress. So regarding the 10 rules, let’s try to appreciate how far the agency has come.

Here’s a tip of the Biz Coach cap for the 10 federal rules:

  1. Update Air Monitoring Rules for Dry Cleaners to Reflect Current Technology
  2. Flexibility for Community Drinking Water Systems
  3. Simplify the Rules for Recycling Solid Waste
  4. EPA Should Clearly Define “Oil” in its Oil Spill Rules
  5. Update Flight Rules for the Washington, DC, Metropolitan Area
  6. Eliminate Duplicative Financial Requirements for Architect-Engineering Services Firms in Government Contracting
  7. Simplify the Home Office Business Deduction
  8. Update MSHA Rules on the Use of Explosives in Mines to Reflect Modern Industry Standards
  9. Update OSHA’s Medical / Laboratory Worker Rule
  10. Update Reverse Auction Techniques for Online Procurement of Commercial Items

Do you have questions, concerns or comments? Here’s an e-mail address: advocacy@sba.gov.

I say keep it going. If state and local governments would only see the light.

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“Government is not a solution to our problem, government is the problem.”

-Ronald Reagan


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