May 25, 2010-

The Harvard University faculty endorsed ObamaCare, but after experiencing it, the liberal faculty members are howling.

That was also the case with unions starting with a union demanding “repeal or complete reform” of ObamaCare.

Most businesses don’t like it either.

The costs are enormous as we witnessed in the following interview on CBS.

It was a good thing big companies didn’t have to participate in ObamaCare until 2015. Analysts believe Mr. Obama’s flip-flop — to delay implementation — was a move designed to prevent more controversy until after the 2014 elections.

But Mr. Obama’s disingenuous action didn’t work. If you work for a large company, your healthcare costs have increased and your coverage was decreased as a result of ObamaCare. No surprise. That was forecast in an authoritative 2010 study.

Ninety-four percent of 661 companies surveyed by a human resources firm, Towers Watson, believed the healthcare reform law will increase costs.

So, employees pay the price. The firm surveyed companies in several sectors. The median company employs 5,600 workers.

This meant 88 percent believe it will increase costs to workers.

Seventy-four percent will see their benefits and programs decreased. That meant higher deductibles and co-payments.

“While many employers have not yet assessed the full impact that reform will have on their businesses, they do realize that the responsibility to hold costs down will fall primarily on their shoulders,” said Towers Watson North American Health and Group Benefits Leader Mark Maselli in a statement.

Ironically, 96 percent of the companies surveyed indicated that preventing increased costs was a priority.

Almost 75 percent anticipate paying for subsidized health coverage for their current employees. Forty-three percent, however, will cancel or reduce benefits to their retirees.

Well, unfortunately, such news was to be expected. There have been numerous warnings here about the law’s unconstitutional mandates.

Any further erosion of personal freedom and economic freedom is not to be tolerated.

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“Human beings can’t take individual freedom…they need to be led.  Even America, through the years, needed it.  We’ve been the frog in the pot of (the government will take care of you) water…it’s just that the pot has been getting close to boiling the past few years…

-Biz Coach reader


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