For online success, as you no doubt know, it’s vital for your site to place high on the search engines.

In particular, that’s true for Google because it perennially has owned at least a two-thirds market share among search engines.

Study after study shows the importance of being No. 1, if not in the top three. Internet users rarely search the remaining sites. Certainly, they don’t visit past the first page on search engines.

That’s why strategies for search-engine optimization (SEO) plays such an important role for online success.

Hungry for information, Internet visitors are constantly searching for the best SEO strategies. Indeed SEO topics rank among the most popular month after month.

SEO is the set of tactics that sites implement to attract organic or natural Web visitors, or traffic, for top search results.

The link is clear: If a site attracts the most Web traffic, it will get a competitive edge with a higher visibility on the search engines.

Typically, the top five sites on a Google page will attract 75 percent of the visitors. That’s why the SEO is a $65-billion industry.

On-page, Off-page optimization

There are two categories of SEO: On-page optimization and Off-page optimization.

On-page optimization refers to what site owners do internally to attract traffic.

Off-page optimization pertains to external strategies – strategies to acquire links from other sites, or also known as link-building factors.

Optimization strategies include meta descriptions: 160 character fragments.

Miscellaneous factors

In conjunction with SEO strategies, you must take steps for a fast-loading site. Google will penalize you for a slow-loading site.

Why? Internet users do not appreciation slow-loading sites and they will soon abandon a slow site.

No matter what you’ve heard, an effective use of social media is a vital best practice for SEO.

By way of explanation, this Biz Coach site went live in late July, 2009. By February 1, 2010 it was ranked in the top 10 on Google.

With no other changes later that month, we implemented a social media strategy, and this site jumped to No. 1 and has never relinquished top ranking. (Note: Google the keywords: biz coach, the biz coach or Seattle biz coach.)

Also, don’t forget your strategies must profit from online customer reviews.

Arduous work

Top ranking is not easy to achieve. Less than 6 percent – 5.7 percent of new sites – achieve a top 10 ranking on Google in 12 months.

To get to the top, your site must have quality content. Google uses critical factors to judge your content quality.

New content or blogs must be published three to five times a week. And you must attract quality links from other sites.

Keyword research helps insure the success of your content. You must pick the right keywords Internet visitors are likely to use in order to find your topics, products or services.

As you go along, you must monitor your situation. Tracking is important to measure your success or lack of improvement, so you can fine-tune your tactics when necessary.

Mistakes to avoid

Courtesy of, here is a terrific infographic, “21 Don’ts of Website SEO,” and is followed by the Coach’s Corner with links to additional relevant articles regarding SEO.

21 Donts of Website Seo Header21 Don'ts of Website SEO Body image

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“Successful SEO is not about tricking Google. It’s about partnering with Google to provide the best search results for Google’s users.” 

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