Enthusiasm Prevails in 2010 Q4 Plans of Internet Marketers

Oct. 22, 2010

Almost two-thirds of respondents in an Internet marketing study forecast healthy double-digit percentage increases this holiday season, according to a Website Magazine report on the Shop.org 2010 eHoliday Study.

This year 63.3 percent anticipate 15 percent or higher increases in sales. That compares to 45.8 percent of responding marketers last year.

BIGresearch conducted the study for Shop.org.

Website Magazine reported other salient data:   

  • 40 percent of online retailers will begin holiday marketing by Halloween, and another 40 percent will begin by November 1 
  • 84.5 percent will offer free shipping at some point during the holiday season
  • 72.5 percent have increased their Facebook presence for the holidays
  • 54.9 percent have enhanced or invested in product pages for cross-selling during the holidays
  • 54.9 percent have optimized site search features to maximize holiday sales
  • 52.9 percent have invested in customer ratings and reviews platforms in advance of the holidays
  • 43.1 percent will increase their presence on Twitter this holiday season

The magazine also reports 32.2 percent of shoppers will shop online.

Here’s why:

  • 35.1 percent – 24-hour convenience
  • 33.1 percent – easy price comparisons
  • 30.8 percent – lack of crowds

So, consider what your competitors might be planning, and strategize what’s best for you.

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