If you haven’t started to prepare, get busy if you want to switch strategies to make your cash registers ring.

But there are at least five social-media ways to increase sales by the end of the holiday season, according to strategist/writer Sam Cannon.

He offered his tips in E-Commerce Times.

What struck me was his wisdom in this comment:

“Just be sure your social media efforts offer something of benefit to the customer, and you’ll see the benefit to your brand image and bottom line.”

He cites 2009 data – social media triggered 27 percent of 2009’s shopping decisions.

It’s been growing every year since.

Mr. Cannon’s five tips:

1. Use Location-Based Apps.

For example, use Foursquare. Adding location-based promotions is an effective way to drive in-store traffic and creates another touch point for consumer engagement.

2. Give the “Wish List” a Makeover.

Finding that perfect gift for someone can be a challenge, and shoppers oftentimes will turn to gift cards as a last resort. As an alternative, consider a new twist on the “wish list” feature on most leading e-commerce sites.

If your target audience is made up of music fans, launch a poster or album cover creator – something that will resonate with consumers and be seen as less of a chore to assemble.

The most important element here, however, is making the wish list easy to share across all social networking sites.

Whether your Christmas sales are good or bad, both toughen you up for a slow January.

3. Create Custom Shopping Experiences Online.

Some of the most effective retail marketing campaigns are those that create truly personal connections with consumers. After a consumer interacts with the promotion, give them the tools they need to easily share their experience with friends in their social networks so they can join the fun too.

4. Use Social Media Channels to Promote Time-Sensitive Deals.

Retailers have been extremely successful using social media to broadcast time-sensitive deals as a way to reward their loyal customer base. Post-holiday, these deal feeds are a great way to clear out the inevitable stack of returned merchandise.

5. Be as Clear as Holiday Crystal.

It goes without saying that retailers should try to make the holiday shopping experience as stress-free as possible. So when using social media channels to communicate with your customers, be sure to clearly articulate the value.

Be clear about what role each of your social community efforts is supposed to play — both internally and with your fans and followers. If it’s to answer gift questions, then do that only. If there is another effort to address availability of gifts, make sure your team understands that.

Anticipate that if you create the impression or expectation that your social environment can help with holiday shopping, then customer expectations for you to deliver on that promise will likely be higher than at almost any other time of the year.

My sense is he’s right.

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Whether your Christmas sales are good or bad, both toughen you up for a slow January.


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