A common sense conclusion from a marketing study, but it’s surprising when you consider the source.

Small businesses are more successful in an e-mail marketing campaign if they combine it with social media.

E-mail marketing firm Constant Contact made the revelation following its 2011 study.

Key findings

Constant Contact says companies using the two-pronged approach net a 14 percent increase in their e-mail list vis-à-vis 9 percent for just e-mail by itself.

Businesses that combined the two strategies experience 53 percent larger e-mail lists.

More importantly, the click-through rates are higher, says the company, which has 450,ooo customers.

“Small businesses are always asking us, ‘Email marketing or social media marketing? Which is the best use of my time and resources?’ In fact, it’s not either/or; it’s both. Use email to communicate with your current customers and social media to reach new customers,” said Rick Jensen, chief sales and marketing officer for Constant Contact.

“The average click-through rate for those using both email and social media marketing was 59.3 basis points higher than for those using email only,” he said.

A guarantee

When Mr. Jensen released the results of the study, he offered a guarantee.

“We’ve created a playbook to help our customers get started and be successful with email and social – fast. We already know our email marketing provides superior results, and we’re so confident that this combination will deliver even more success that we’re guaranteeing results,” he said.

The study’s results make sense. An integrated approach should make it easier to engage customers.

While this article probably makes me appear as a cheerleader for Constant Contact, no worries, as I’ve never done business with the firm. The guarantee is intriguing.

On average, in my experience, buying decisions are made after the customer receives five positive messages. Social media helps a company branding.  It sets the stage.

It seems logical that an e-mail campaign would be more effective if complemented by social media – once the five message threshold is achieved.

What’s more, an e-mail piece with a social media toolbar makes it easy for readers to share your information with their followers. Go for it!

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“Many a small thing has been made large by the right kind of advertising.”
Mark Twain


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