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4 Strategies for CEOs to Win Their Cyber Security Tug of War

The cyber security tug of war is never ending even though chief executive officers and board members now get the importance of protecting their companies’ information assets. They’ve learned to fear cyber-security threats because they could lose their jobs. If this is all true, why then are there incessant, worldwide cyber attacks?

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Secure Your Android from Viruses and Malware with 5 Tips

Hopefully, you haven’t had the nightmarish inconvenience on your Android from viruses and malware, which have plagued many users. Countless headlines detail the cyber dangers associated with Android-based devices. Don’t for a second assume you’d be safer with an iPhone.

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Yahoo Shows Good Management in Firing Biased News Manager

Yet another media controversy illustrates why millions of Americans are justified in their complaints about liberal news-media bias. True, Yahoo News showed common sense and assertive management by terminating its Washington bureau chief after he made a controversial comment in the 2012 presidential campaign.

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Blackberry Provides 9 Lessons in Best Turnaround Strategies

It’s the most unusual looking smartphone ever — BlackBerry’s square-shaped Passport. The Passport has a Qwerty keyboard that can also be used as a capacitive multi-touch trackpad. That’s a terrific innovation. It’s great for reading with its 453 dpi 4.5-inch screen. And it’s battery life is a whopping 30 hours. But is it enough to save Blackberry? It very well might be.

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