As you no doubt know, keeping a business going saps a lot of energy. Perseverance is key but it’s not possible unless you have hope.

There are seemingly nonstop weeks and months of business ups-and-downs, so you have to reach down deep inside for motivation to overcome obstacles to success.

You have to master the mental barriers to success. Positive attitude is everything.

bwi ambro www.freedigitalphotos.netEven if you’ve struggled for years to find solutions, you can win with the right mental approach:

1. Study terrific role models

Try to connect with role models who have experienced the success you seek. Make contact with authoritative people who have the mental strengths that you need.

Once after being laid-off by a major broadcasting company, I called the company’s nationally known president emeritus to learn how he developed his mental strengths. My peers couldn’t believe that I had the chutzpah to call him for his insights.

As the founder of the company, he was mentally tough. Really tough. We met a few times and he gave me a big boost and I even learned eight career tips for shameless self-promotion.

If you can’t find such people with whom to interact, scan LinkedIn postings, go to the library or read news sites to learn of biographies and autobiographies of anybody and everybody who have overcome defeat after defeat.

2. Surf the net for motivational movies, speeches and quotations

When your spirits are low, try surfing the Internet for entrepreneurship motivation. There are all kinds of movies, speeches and quotes that will motivate you.

Personally, I love stories about underdogs who persevere and overcome adversity. Many are sports stories. Quotes provide significant self-help motivation.

When your outlook improves, keep at it anyway.

You have to master the mental barriers to success. Positive attitude is everything.

3. Take personal responsibility to invest heavily in yourself

For a big morale boost, invest in yourself.

At a low point early in my career I invested more than $10,000 taking university classes, and attending interactive workshops with experiential exercises. Even after moving to other states, I called trusted mentors long-distance.

When one mentor retired to Mexico, for many months the highlight of each week was being able to get feedback from him via a telephone call at a cost of $50 per minute. It was a lot of money 30+ years ago. Candidly, it was so costly, for a time it replaced my budget for recreation.

But the mentors’ answers were worth to me. Many of their timeless insights have served as ideas in the 1,000 or so articles in this business-coaching portal.

4. Find peer groups

If you’re surrounded by negative people – family and friends – it can be a lonely existence. It’s imperative to connect with knowledgeable, positive and trustworthy people. That would be people who get you and have inspiring experiences to share with you.

You might have to go to great lengths.

When I was in a competitive situation without the ability to talk with local savvy experts whom I could trust, for nine years I either flew or drove to a city in another state to network with peers whom were highly recommended to me. I got objective information and quite frankly shared my experiences to help others in the group when applicable.

“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing,” Warren Buffett once said. If you’re really struggling, find and implement strategies for a successful turnaround.

5. If you can’t find a confidential business coach, get a mentor

During trying times, chances are you don’t have the mental acuity to power your way to success. With a great mentor, you won’t be alone in making career decisions.

Such quality people will give you objective feedback and counsel to help you navigate through mental struggles – the trials and tribulations of business.

6. Put thoughts and ideas into action

The antidote for depression is action. Take baby steps in footwork. Footwork eventually leads to business. More business results in hope.

With hope, you know that anything is possible including profits to keep your business dreams alive.

7. Feed off your employees’ energy

Savvy bosses know how to profit from their human capital. Such knowledge is a powerful weapon for high performance in a competitive marketplace. There’s a correlation among excellent sales, happy customers, and high employee morale.

Motivate your employees to offer profitable ideas.

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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Albert Einstein


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