Biz Coach Terry Corbell

Biz Coach Terry Corbell will save you time and money while increasing your profits as a full service, confidential business-performance consultant.

A profit professional with more than 30 years experience, his firm has been an excellent company with an outstanding record of success since 1992.

His clients have ranged from high-tech to professional service firms, and for the public sector.

With his salient focus of creating business opportunities for growth, his management services provide innovative solutions to help you realize your vision.

With more than 1,200 business and career-coaching articles, he is also founder and publisher of this business-coaching portal. In The Biz Coach Newsroom, you’ll also find dozens of late-breaking videos, which are relevant for businesses and professionals.

Profiled by The New York Times, and later was asked to answer questions from readers

Not only does he write, distinguished media has written about him: “Been There… Done That… Here’s How – New York Times.” That’s when The New York Times invited him to coach their readers on entrepreneurship.

Countless readers emailed their questions for his solutions to their business challenges. His solutions were published in “Advice on Taking an Entrepreneurial Leap – New York Times.”

As a business columnist for nearly 10 years before launching this portal, he wrote more than 500 business columns for various media websites including as well as being syndicated for nearly eight years at and its affiliated sites throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Additionally, his Biz Coach vignettes on Seattle’s award-winning all news station, KOMO News, featured his business-coaching tips.

He was also invited to create and host a regional public affairs radio program, “Washington Business Weekly,” for the Association of Washington Business.

He’s planning to launch “Washington Business Weekly, a Saturday radio program — a terrific branding opportunity for Seattle businesses.

For advertising opportunities and to hear a sample of the show, click on this link: KOMO News Show.

Prior experience

Before his consulting practice, he enjoyed a sales, management and marketing career in various industries.

For 20 years, he previously was a TV news anchor/editor and had top ratings as a radio news broadcaster in multiple markets.

He started as a broadcast journalist covering major events, such as the Friday-night government closures of financial institutions in the S&L crisis of the 1980s. He was a three-time award-winner, and enjoyed reporting many exclusives, including an interview of Nancy Reagan. He also covered Ronald Reagan during his second presidential campaign.

He exclusively interviewed Noah Dietrich, who built the Howard Hughes financial empire. He broke the story about President Gerald Ford’s retirement plans. These and other reports also aired on CNN, CBS Radio, NBC/NIS Radio and the Mutual Broadcasting System.


He has been member of these organizations:

— Academy of Management (, a professional organization dedicated to the advancement of management and administration.

— American Management Association (, a corporate training and consulting group that provides a variety of educational and management development services to businesses, government agencies and individuals.

— Association of Washington Business (, the Washington state chamber of Commerce.

— SABEW, Society of American Business Editors and Writers (

chseal— Cherokee Nation (, in holding Tribal Citizenship in the Cherokee Nation, he inherently understands workplace diversity and cross-cultural communication are necessary for  good business.


His post-graduate studies include the Executive MBA Program at UCLA and he is a graduate of the University of Tulsa.



His most-requested topic:

The 7 Steps to Higher Sales: Secrets for sales success – seven steps to higher sales, the five value perceptions that motivate customers to buy, and the three-step process for overcoming sales objections.

Thank you. You will be very pleased with the strong results.


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