Month: August 2012

6 Patent Tips to Protect Your Inventions, Intellectual Property

Whether you’re a new or existing business, take precautions to protect your inventions. Entrepreneurs are well-advised to consider ways to avoid legal entanglements over their inventions and intellectual property. If you don’t take steps to protect a valuable invention, you risk two possible consequences. But you can do something about it.

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Why Is Transparency Crucial at the Federal Reserve?

Furtive actions by the Federal Reserve show the need for a change to transparency. Then-Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke argued in 2012 that transparency would lead to a “nightmare scenario” in the Fed’s monetary policies. But many others, including me, feel the Federal Reserve has overtly overstepped its monetary authority – by actually undermining the authority of Congress on fiscal policy issues. Not to mention the bogus printing of money that only benefits Wall Street insiders.

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