Growth Strategies to Successfully Expand into New Markets

So you’ve been hugely successful and you’re ready to grow. Growth is indeed imperative for long-term success.

Now you see opportunities by expanding into a new market?

Whether you’re expanding across town or into a different region, there are risks to consider.

Key steps are vital to anticipate in alleviating any uncertainty.

Even it doesn’t seem risky, due diligence is certainly required and certain precautions are imperative for success.

ID-10066102Here are key reminders to keep in mind:

1. Do your research

Investigate the culture and buying habits of the prospective customers you desire. Study the competition, local customer sentiments and learn how to attract the best local talent.

2. Don’t make assumptions without facts

Start by querying anyone you know and trust. Ask for referrals to others with whom to chat. Study data for risk management.

3. Repeatedly – test, test and test

Consider all ideas. Examine all nuances in the new market and take precautions to minimize negative surprises.

4. Create your plan

Develop and implement a strategic action plan.

5. Keep an open mind

What has worked for you before might not be appropriate now. For example, instead of starting from scratch, it might be best to acquire an existing business.

What has worked for you before might not be appropriate now. Instead of starting from scratch, it might be best to acquire an existing business.

6. Hire local talent

They will know more than you about the marketplace.

7. Consider legal ramifications

That might include registering your business with taxing authorities, adhering to the regulatory requirements, and complying with best environmental practices.

8. Use an integrated approach

That means local advertising in broadcasting, the Internet, newspapers, public relations and social media.

Be sure to identify and partner with community influencers.

9. Listen

Peter Drucker provided great wisdom: “Arrogance is being proud of ignorance.” Listening is the first step in developing great relationships.

10. Look for speaking opportunities

Create public speaking opportunities in front of groups. Here’s how to get more opportunities as a guest speaker. And be sure to obtain the most profit from speaking opportunities.

11. Brand your key representatives

Remember fans and customers are greatly influenced by what they perceive about spokespersons and employees.

12. Remember community involvement

You’ll increase your chances to create fans with community service and participation. Cause-related marketing pays dividends.

13. Stay focused

Concentrate on your core strengths. When necessary continue to fine-tune your approach.

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“And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.”
-Anaïs Nin


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