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Financial Planning: Be Sure Your New Product Gets Traction

So you’ve created a new product and want to launch a company. That’s great, but do you know that getting good traction for a product launch is tantamount to trying to drive in snow? Most entrepreneurs learn a very painful lesson: Lack of money and financial planning are the biggest obstacles to financial traction. So, here are financial tips to help you get financial traction.

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Entrepreneur: You Can Avoid Using Expensive Research Tools

When it comes to product or service utility, your prospective customers will evaluate your offerings on several factors. True, you can use formal research tools to get your answers, such as focus groups or prototype testing. But as a cash-strapped entrepreneur you’ll want to save time and money. Right? Here’s how.

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How Bloggers Help Startups Get Venture Capital

Multi-million dollar venture-capital financing decisions are affected by bloggers and social media. That’s the conclusion from an academic study, “Putting Money Where The Mouths Are: The Relation Between Venture Financing and Electronic Word-of-Mouth.”

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