Month: July 2014

6 Sales Tips for Successful Cold Calling

For most businesspeople in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important to create new opportunities with successful cold calling. Yes, it’s necessary to concentrate more efforts to create new sales. Attending mere networking events or depending on a high marketing budget aren’t sufficient for strong sales. OK, cold calling isn’t always easy, but you must if you want to dramatically increase sales in double-digit percentages. Develop and implement the right strategies. You’ll be in the all-important groove for a happy buying environment.

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Fair-Value Accounting Standards Aren’t ‘Fair’ — Stanford Professor

Transparency became a priority following all of the shenanigans that led to the financial crisis and the Great Recession. Banks drew fire because they used traditional accounting principles in order to downplay their huge losses from junk mortgages. The banks valued their financial assets on their original costs. That was problematic but reforms are unfair, according to a Stanford University accounting professor.

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