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For most businesspeople in an increasingly competitive marketplace, it’s important to create new opportunities with successful cold calling. Yes, it’s necessary to concentrate more efforts to create new sales.

Merely attending networking events or depending on a high marketing budget aren’t sufficient for strong sales.

OK, cold calling isn’t always easy, but you must if you want to dramatically increase sales in double-digit percentages. Develop and implement the right strategies. You’ll find yourself in the all-important groove for a happy buying environment.

Naturally, if you cold call by telephone, you must familiarize yourself with the the Federal Trade Commission’s dos and don’ts.

A happy buying environment will create a sales utopia for you. Understand that all buying decisions are emotional decisions.

Once a prospect emotionally wants to buy, then she/he will start justifying the decision to buy with a list of reasons.

So use strategies to get enough face time with the right prospects.

To create new opportunities with successful cold calling, here are six tips:

1. Position you and your company as being the expert

Do whatever is necessary — well thought-out action steps — to become the knowledgeable expert in your field.

Otherwise, marketing is a waste of time and resources. When you’re ready, develop the right public relations, business card and other sales collateral. You want to be seen as the best. But be subtle — without bragging and using gauche statements.

2. Demonstrate enthusiasm and passion

Selling can be a roller-coaster ride, so stay positive. You’ll be more creative and resourceful, and your customers will like working with you.

There’s a carry0ver effect. Your products and services will be seen as the best.

“The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!”

– Marvin Phillips

3. Develop a system for maintaining a good prospect list

Know who they are and what they do, so you’re ready for the next steps. Make it a comprehensive list. As you get to know the prospects, prioritize them A, B or C.

4. Create a great elevator pitch, and develop benefit statements

That’s for each aspect of your services and products. You will ease the challenging aspects of selling, if you know you your products and services and how to align them with the needs of your prospects.

Further, if you use good benefit statements or value propositions, you’ll lessen the likelihood for objections about price.

5. Before you approach prospects, do your research

Understand their business and sector. Know whom to approach. My preference is to start at the top. Know what questions to ask.

6. Ask questions and listen

Be an active listener. Prospects don’t care what you have to say until they’ve had their say.

The best salespeople listen 80 to 90 percent in discussions with prospects and customers. In this way, you’ll know which benefit statements are applicable for your prospects.

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“The difference between try and triumph is just a little umph!”

– Marvin Phillips


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