Month: November 2014

Make More Friends at the Office with 6 Etiquette Tips

In many companies, good etiquette is nonexistent and office co-workers fail to make friends of one another. Lack of trust and turmoil is seemingly evident everywhere. You don’t have to like everyone, but it’s best to be respectful, and assertive versus aggressive. That makes for good office relationships.

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You Can Be a Popular Speaker with the Power of Touch

Effective public speakers know the power of physical touch, says a leading expert in how to improve communication with others, public speaking and performance. “In my humble view, there is never enough attention given to the formidable power of tactile connection,” asserts Eric Stone – a former New York City stage and television actor, operates Speakers and Artists International, Inc. in Beverly Hills, Calif.

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Now, ObamaCare Consultant Insults Small Businesses – 3rd Surfaced Video

Yet another scandalous video related to the ObamaCare deception has surfaced — this time insulting small businesses. In a newly released video, the ObamaCare architect, MIT Professor Jonathan Gruber, said he wrote tax credits into the ObamaCare bill — purportedly to benefit small businesses because “you gotta say you like small businesses in America or you’re a communist…”

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