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Employee Retirement Plans: Preferences of Employers — Study

Trust is the No. 1 reason employers choose retirement plan providers for their employees, according to a landmark study of 809 companies across a full spectrum of industries in 2014. But for the first time we learn which are the top three providers that companies trust the most and why — and that only 9 percent of employers trust financial institutions to manage their employees’ retirement plans.

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Critical Essentials to Develop the Best Marketing Formula

There are critical essentials for marketing, which includes the right channels and developing the right message. That includes the right branding slogan and logo. Unless your targeting upscale consumers, many consumers prefer value marketing — not cute, which doesn’t necessarily mean selling at a lower price than your competitors. Hyper-consumerism is history. Humor is great, but more importantly, traditional values with a purpose are in vogue. Why? Consumer attitudes are changing.

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