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Make More Friends at the Office with 6 Etiquette Tips

In many companies, good etiquette is nonexistent and office co-workers fail to make friends of one another. Lack of trust and turmoil is seemingly evident everywhere. You don’t have to like everyone, but it’s best to be respectful, and assertive versus aggressive. That makes for good office relationships.

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Praying for a Job? Key Questions to Ask Interviewers

Employers prefer inquisitive applicants. It shows their interest in a company and communication abilities. There are two benefits if you ask the right questions in a job interview. Firstly, you shine compared to your competing job seekers. Secondly, you get the right information to make the best decision.

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Executives Succeed by Avoiding 7 Missteps

Why do some executives fail and others succeed? Successful executives have a purpose. They learn from their mistakes and those of others. They strive to learn good judgment, stay focused and pursue their objectives with abandon. Conversely, ineffective executives fail with seven possible missteps.

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