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Easiest Ways to Boost Your Employees’ Morale

Employee morale affects performance. Study after study shows a significant percentage of worker morale is mediocre, at best. That’s often the case even for companies that are able to pay competitive wages and benefits. As you might guess, it’s a bigger quandary for business owners that don’t have enough cash flow for raises.

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11 B2B Strategies to Outsell Your Big Competitors

Are you hoping to make a sale but tired of having to wait in the lobby of your prospects along with your annoying competitors? Big companies have obvious advantages over small businesses. Their brands are well-known. They can afford sales training, sales-support staff and customer-relationship management software. But here’s what you can do about it.

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Profits: Size Doesn’t Matter but Image, Professionalism Count

Appearances and professionalism can make your small business seem huge. If you look as though you’re substantial and that you can handle anything thrown your way – your odds for success improve dramatically. Clients and customers will often prefer dealing with you as a small firm – if the job doesn’t appear too big for you to handle. So it’s best to look the part.

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