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It doesn’t matter what type of business you have. Even if your sales are great today, there will come a time when sales will crawl to a halt unless you take precautionary measures to keep your sales pipeline full.

Yep, that’s right. Never take sales for granted — when it comes to sales keep on truckin’. Never stop marketing.

Take good care of your customers, but make marketing your top priority — every day — to prevent a roller coaster ride of profit and loss.

This means keeping your sales pipeline full.

Not to sound mystical, but it’s really true. The ideal time to market your business is when you’re in demand.

Customers are more enthusiastic about your products and services if they’re all the rage and you’re confident about sales.

There’s an old adage that’s apropos — it’s called the “bandwagon effect.” Customers are more likely to hop aboard your sales train if you’re not needy and desperate.

But are you swamped? Are you even turning away business?

Maybe you’re thinking, “I’m too busy.” Well, you can’t afford to be too busy for marketing.

If you get complacent about sales, you won’t be around long term.

Nothing is forever in business. Relationships change and even end — no matter how good you are.

The marketplace is dynamic. There’s a myriad of reasons why you will lose business if you don’t focus on marketing. Competitors get better. Customers develop cash flow issues. New competitive products and services steal the limelight.

Here are six rules to keep your sales pipeline full:

Rule No. 1

Don’t take shortcuts. Keep marketing, networking and selling. Always maintain your top-of-the-mind awareness.

Rule No. 2

Former and long-time customers should not be ignored. They are your best source of referrals.

Use every tool at your disposal: E-mail, newsletters, social media, telephone calls, speaking opportunities and the best tool ever — in-person contact.

Rule No. 3

Identify and develop a prospect list. Focus on proper time management to schedule projects. Don’t lose a potential customer because you’re too busy. People don’t like to be taken for granted. If you lose a prospect, remember it’s forever.

Rule No. 4

Plan ahead. Have a plan in case you do get more business. Line up consultants, independent contractors, and/or part-time workers. If you are successful and it looks favorable long-term, consider hiring more help.

Rule No. 5

Review your pricing. Remember the law of supply and demand. Consider whether you’re charging the right amounts. Maximize revenue. It’s harder to raise prices than it is to lower them.

If your business slows down, OK, lower your prices. But make certain you indicate you’re offering discounts — not an everyday low price.

Rule No. 6

Focus on prospects who are likely to need your products and services on an ongoing basis. Develop a foundation — a prospect list of anchor customers or clients.

They will guarantee that your basic expenses and needs will continue to be met in order to operate at full capacity. But keep monitoring your relationship with them. Otherwise, you’ll never know when your pipeline will slow down.

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“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

-Tom Fishburne


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