Consider the best ways to maximize your sales pipeline.

Instead of using generic emails even with personalized salutations, you can achieve as much as a 360-percent higher-conversion rate by following new strategies to fill your sales pipeline.

But to do so, you need three elements:

  1. Stellar content marketing
  2. Effective salespeople
  3. Cutting-edge management software

Content marketing can help you in two ways – by developing a large volume of sales leads and by distributing a great branding message to ease the selling process by your salespeople.

Then, yes, it’s up to your salespeople.

They must know the secrets for sales success:  The five value perceptions that motivate customers to buy and the three-step process to overcome sales objections – along with the The 7 Steps to Higher Sales.

And not only must they be trained well. They must be persistent in repeat sales calls. A mere 2 percent of sales result from the first meeting with prospects.

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The right software will keep your salespeople organized.

So, your sales pipeline will flourish if you effectively use all three elements.

For a comprehensive explanation, see the following infographic, “3 Ways to Move a Customer Through Your Pipeline,” courtesy of Ghergich & Co. (

3 Ways to Move a Customer Through Your Pipeline

Via Salesforce

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“Life is like a dogsled team. If you ain’t the lead dog, the scenery never changes.”

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