May 14, 2015-

Digital marketing opportunities keep growing and growing.

For instance, 70 percent of consumers research product reviews while they shop in stores. Ninety percent are relying on their mobile devices as they make in-store buying decisions.

The percentages sound high but they might even be higher than from the 2015 PowerReviews study, “Mobile Wearable Tech and Hyper-Relevance: Transforming Consumer Behavior and Retailer Opportunities.”

“In-store and online shopping experiences can no longer be viewed independently,” said Matt Moog, CEO of PowerReviews.

“Today’s consumers want access to ratings, reviews and other product information whenever and wherever they’re making purchase decisions – whether online, via mobile device or in store,” he added.

The study indicates many consumers prefer paying via one-touch from wearable devices.

“Technologies like wearables, near-field communication and beacons are creating more ways for retailers to deliver this hyper-relevant and authentic information to shoppers, which will enhance the shopping experience, driving sales and creating passionate brand advocates,” he explained.

So there are emerging essentials in digital marketing:

— Your app-store description should be succinct and have a unique value proposition and be effective by encouraging opt-in.

— Inform users about your app’s functions with good illustrations, again be sure to promote opt-in capability, and ask customers to opt-in.

— Indicate to your users how they can set up their preferences.

— Create in-store collateral or signage to cross-promote your app.

— Leverage the potential of e-mails to promote your app with a capability to download it, and encourage your e-mail recipients to opt-in.

— Use your Web site and mobile Web site to promote your app.

– Track your users viewing habits, and give them relevant messages.

Don’t forget about digital coupons.

“It’s amazing that in 2012 92.2 million U.S. adults redeemed online coupons and by 2016 this figure is expected to rise to 124.4 million,” said Chris Landry, managing director at Colourfast Printing (

“Also, 85 percent of these people like personalized offers based on previous purchases so this is something worth considering for all businesses,” said the marketing professional who provides the following infographic.

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“In today’s modern world, people are either asleep or connected.”

-Janice H. Reinold


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