If you operate a retail business, it’s increasingly important for your site to be easy-to-use for mobile users. The use of smartphones and tablets is skyrocketing.

Studies also show the majority of mobile aficionados use their devices to access the Internet.

Such data continually changes — mobile sales and use of the Internet is consistently rising.

So whether you run a car dealership or restaurant, don’t miss out on this growing sector of consumers.

Mobile users are even important for information sites.

In general, think consumer convenience and simplicity.

Here are 11 specific strategies:

1. It doesn’t have to be an expensive process for HTML sites or WordPress formats to be mobile-friendly.

To create your mobile site, you might wish to consider these companies:  bMobilized, Dudamobile, Mobify, MobilizeToday or Screenfly. (I’ve never done business with any of these.)

2. Once you take the mobile-friendly plunge, make certain you test your site on a wide range of mobile devices, especially the most popular — Androids, iPhones and iPads.

Here are two companies that analyze mobile sites:  MobilePhoneEmulator, mobiReady.

Incidentally, Google ranks sites in part for their mobile friendliness. So take precautions for a top Google ranking.

3. Provide the most-salient information on your home page. That means including your contact information, directions (with a link to Google Maps), hours and location.

So make it easy as possible to contact you. Insert a link on every page so consumers can just click to telephone you.

4. Insert the fewest-possible number of images, and make them small. Insure that they load fast. Large images will aggravate mobile users because they take too long to load on the pages.

5. Capitalize on the popularity of touchscreens. That means you must insert large buttons and links with plenty of white space, which will be easier for users. Otherwise, you risk annoying visitors.

6. Bear in mind mobile users dislike filling in forms. Instead of forms to be completed, insert dropdown menus and sufficient numbers of links on which users can click.

7. When it comes to content, less is more. Write economically. Too much copy in content makes it harder for mobile-device users.

8. Streamline your site’s architecture. Prioritize. Keep the site’s navigation simple. Learn and understand what’s most important for your site to be appealing to mobile users.

9. Make your site social-sharing friendly. That’s especially important for Millennial consumers. Many will access your site from recommendations by their friends’ social media. If you excite influencers, they will share your site with their followers.

10. Be enthusiastic in your copy. Where feasible, include simple images with thought-provoking questions. Again, use an economy of words.

11. In content marketing, your e-mails should also be user-friendly. Make them easy-to-read. Your provider should be able to provide you with mobile-friendly templates.

From the Coach’s Corner, here are more mobile-site tips:

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“It may not always be profitable at first for businesses to be online, but it is certainly going to be unprofitable not to be online.”

-Esther Dyson


Author Terry Corbell has written innumerable online business-enhancement articles, and is a business-performance consultant and profit professional. Click here to see his management services. For a complimentary chat about your business situation or to schedule him as a speaker, consultant or author, please contact Terry.