If you’re into people-watching, flying and the airport are entertaining places to be. You’ll see all kinds of personalities. That’s especially true for the wide variety of business travelers.

Some immediately head for the VIP lounge. Other travelers frantically search for an outlet to re-charge their mobile devices.

Some will try to find a less-hectic spot for e-mailing or reading. Others search in shops for last-minute gifts for family or friends. And you’ll see others on their smartphones barking instructions to their assistants.

Despite their personality differences, they all share one common trait if they want to have a successful business trip.

What do they have in common?

They need to need to mindful of unwritten rules for etiquette in their business travel.

Here are six top etiquette tips:

1. Thoroughly plan your itinerary

Of course, you’ll have scheduled appointments. But don’t risk being embarrassed. Making certain you have current meeting locations and telephone numbers before your trip.

Map the distances and duration of time it will take to go to the locations for your meetings. Take precautions for your phone in terms of your network signal and battery.

Hopefully, your phone has a removable battery. Carry backup battery, charger and a power bank.

2. Arrange for your rental car in advance

Plan to be on time for your meetings. Actually, a little early is best. As much as you can before traveling, plan your rental-car details. If you have a driver, make certain the driver knows the locations.

If you feel uncomfortable with the driver, request another one. At the conclusion of the day, tip the driver.

3. Plan to look your best

Plan to dress for success. An image of professionalism counts. If you’re traveling abroad, fit in culturally.

4. Strategically pack your bags

Naturally, anticipate what you’ll need. Then, pack an additional set of clothes in case of surprises like an unplanned meeting. Travel with clothes that aren’t prone to wrinkling.

If you’re so inclined, pack a travel iron. Or plan to have your clothes pressed at your destination. However, if you have the right clothes and insert bags between your clothes you should stay wrinkle-free.

Despite their personality differences, they all share one common trait if they want to have a successful business trip.

5. Treat hotel personnel like you are a valued frequent guest

Whether it’s your first stay or one of many at the hotel, act as though you’re a valued frequent guest – treated as a priority.

If you’re a valued guest, it’s probably because you treat the hotel staff well. Your stay will be more pleasant if you treat the hotel staff as courteously as possible. Be generous with your compliments when you get great service.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re paying the tab or your company is.

Tip the personnel well. When the hotel asks for your comments, give your input on the service and facilities. If you plan to return, be sure to inform the hotel if you have any preferences.

6. Stay alert

Make sure you don’t get tired by getting a good night’s sleep. If it’s hectic and you’re rushing from meeting to meeting, eat well but light and stay hydrated. Plan to carry healthy snacks so you’re energized and not hungry.

From the Coach’s Corner, a related thought: Think safety. Be cautious. For example, if you’re uneasy in your lodging, change it. End your evenings early. Don’t stay out late unless you’re sure it’s safe.

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Chance favors only the prepared mind.”

– Louis Pasteur


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