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On a macro level, much has been said and written about solving supply-chain issues. Especially since they came to light during the COVID crisis.

After all, just one glitch can prevent profits and satisfaction with the end users. That’s because a supply chain is complex — from leveraging source materials and manufacturing to sales to the final destination of customers.

Not to over simplify, there are typically four basic phases:

    • Integration — strategic planning, continuous sharing of information communication about data analysis and storage of materials.
    • Operations — involving inventory and production schedules.
    • Purchasing — sourcing products and capitalizing on competitive prices.
    • Distribution — the transportation, delivery of goods.

So, for competitiveness and profitably in buyer-supplier relationships, it’s important for companies to focus on their vendor relationships — from a smooth flow of data to effective operations.

Mistakes are too expensive and must be averted. That requires finding the right vendors and knowing their processes that will lead to productive negotions for a deep relationship with them for mutual satisfaction.

It’s important to utilize the right software to deeply monitor situations for proper planning, onboarding and performance.

Consider valuable reminders from Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM):

Improving Vendor Management Relations from Agiloft, a clm sales company


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“Surround yourself only with people who are going to take you higher.”

-Oprah Winfrey


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