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10 Characteristics of a Successful CEO

This is a 10-part series on CEO leadership by Joey Tamer, www.JoeyTamer.com. She is a consultant to experienced consultants in all fields to maximize their practices. She has also been a strategic consultant to entrepreneurs in technology and digital media.

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2014 Year-in-Review: The Most Popular Biz Coaching Articles

A large number of readers was interested in career development in 2014, according to an audit of nearly 900 articles published on The Biz Coach. Primarily, there were two articles that ranked as either No. 1 or No. 2 for seven months of the year. Readers were clearly focused on leadership and management. Countless thousands preferred these two articles: “Key Differences between Leaders and Managers” and “Leadership – 10 Characteristics of a Successful CEO.”

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CEOs Lose Sleep over 10 Issues

Are CEOs trying to fill shoes that are too big for them? Global CEOs face 10 common issues that might very well be insurmountable for them; concludes a study involving 13,124 global business leaders. Many CEOs admit they’re unprepared.

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How CEOs Benefit from Executive Coaching for Leadership

Nearly two-thirds of CEOs don’t receive executive coaching or leadership development counsel even though they admit it’d be a good idea to ask for it, according to a study. My sense is that many of the surveyed CEOs are uncomfortable with exploring their self-awareness, a prerequisite for true leadership. Until CEOs better understand their personal capacities, they won’t be able to fully understand, manage and inspire their personnel. So coaching would help CEOs become better leaders.

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