May 24, 2019-

Despite all the complexities, it’s simple to understand why the Trump Administration has been successful economically. This makes it to even more likely businesses can implement seven capitalism principles for sustainable economic growth and prosperity.

You can see positive signs everywhere.

At 3.6 percent, the unemployment rate is the lowest since 1969. The unemployment rates for blacks and Hispanics are the lowest in history.

Small business owners’ confidence have skyrocketed, according.

Businesspeople credit the Trump Administration’s major tax reforms along with the other elements in the pro-growth economic agenda.

Trump Administration energy policies have ended America’s sad dependence on foreign oil.

We’ve become an energy exporting nation — so much so that SUV and truck sales have been soaring.

The positive trends are likely to continue, according to economic forecasts by a leading economist, Peter Morici, Ph.D.

(He’s a professor at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business, the former Chief Economist at the U.S. International Trade Commission, and seven-time winner of the MarketWatch best forecaster award.)

Businesspeople, employees and would-be workers are encouraged after the Obama Administration era.

You might recall that many jobs created following the Great Recession were only part-time. College graduates couldn’t get meaningful jobs.

Dr. Morici said the real unemployment rate in those years was a whopping 11 percent.

Nightmarish policies end

Nightmarish trends from 2008 to 2016 prompt a review of those dysfunctional public policies: 

— Expensive ObamaCare with its dysfunctional and countless unfulfilled promises

— The federal budget deficit under President Obama soared to $20 trillion (he increased the deficit more than any president in history)

— Massive stimulus spending

— Mr. Obama declared he would improve the $600 billion trade deficit and create substantial family wage jobs. It never happened.

— Americans sent their money abroad for goods and oil, but the dollars didn’t boomerang back to the U.S.

Fortunately, the Trump policies have led to stronger growth in the U.S. gross domestic product, which is already 50 percent higher than the Obama eight-year average.

All of the unproductive policies are being reversed for our positive economic environment. 

“Capitalism is what people do if you leave them alone.”

Kenneth Minogue

Capitalism principles

In addition, there needs to be a wide-acceptance of seven capitalism principles and business: 

  1. Businesses are not launched to merely create jobs.
  2. Businesses are established to create products and services that customers will buy.
  3. Businesses can thrive in competition – to keep the cost of goods and services affordable.
  4. Businesses with savvy management are profitable – if not, the companies fold and employees are laid off.
  5. Businesses that enjoy success invest in new equipment and hire employees.
  6. Businesses that are productive will attract investment and grow.
  7. Businesses experiencing growth will fund retirements and pay taxes. 

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“Capitalism is what people do if you leave them alone.”

Kenneth Minogue



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