In selecting candidates for leadership, the risks can be great for both the company and managers in lost time, effort and money.

So when deciding which of their corporate managers should be promoted into leadership positions, naturally, companies don’t want any surprises.

Big picture acumen

Among the distinguishing personality traits, companies prefer to promote managers who demonstrate abilities in strategic vision and planning.

To demonstrate how companies can best leverage time and resources, Management Research Group (MRG) studied nearly 30,000 bosses, department heads and managers to look for desirable traits in high-potential managers in 2013.

In addition to strategic visioning and planning, the study found high-potential managers with outstanding personality traits who are comfortable in a fast paces and changing environment.

They also have a willingness to push themselves and others to achieve more challenging goals.

Leadership practices and personal competencies are important.

U.S. managers between the ages of 20 and 35 in administration, technical and engineering, and sales were included in the far-reaching study.

The study determined managers’ promotions to leadership require five personality traits:

1. Strategic visioning and planning for the future

2. Pushing themselves and others to achieve challenging goals

3. A willingness to take charge and a desire to influence others

4. A comfort with change, fast pace, and innovation

5. A willingness to challenge the status quo and perceptions of those in authority

High potential managers were found to be fast learners and were four to five times more likely to be viewed as credible with the ability to contribute to team performance.

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“Effective leadership is not about making speeches or being liked; leadership is defined by results not attributes.”

-Peter Drucker


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