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Are managed service providers (MSPs) terminally unique in their business challenges? In other words, do they face unique challenges — such as in billing customers and in sales — all because they’re selling intangibles, not tangible products?

No, they’re not terminally unique. Information-technology service providers face the same issues as most companies in traditional intangible sectors, such as insurance.

But many MSPs have problems coping with typical challenges, according to a 2014 study by IT Europa. (IT Europa,, is a leading provider of strategic business intelligence, news and analysis on the European IT marketplace.)

Actually, in their quest for profits, all businesses have to work to solve the following issues:

— Branding

— Pricing

— Sales

— Quality products and services

— Controlling expenses/cash flow

— Management/human resources

— Customer service and retention

— Strategic planning

— Innovation

The events and sectors might differ, but best practices in other industries are applicable and transferable to MSPs.

The study’s key findings:

– Channels need to know how to charge for services: with falling prices for hosting and cloud services, the MSPs need to differentiate. One of the issues that came out of the study is that they have concerns over rising competition.

However, on the client side, there is a rising need for expertise and skills in making it all work, particularly when linking in to legacy systems, so there is a clear role for MSPs to use any vertical market expertise they have to provide an essential service, and charge for it.

– Clearer propositions are needed: delivery models should offer the flexibility and scalability that the study shows customers expect and which MSPs are glad to provide; but they may need explaining better; the industry is so new, and growing so fast it has yet to get its marketing message straight.

– MSPs need all the help they can get, in marketing, tools, integration and to use all the available skills and resources.

MSPs told the study that they have real concerns in finding the right partners, particularly among vendors, citing quality of support and quality of product as the two main things they regard as important or very important, especially by smaller MSPs.

– Many of the people in the study had concerns over enterprise mobility; mainly because of the scale of involvement, pace of change and the integration issues. There are just not that many people around who have done it to the scale that is coming.

So, the challenges are typical. Solutions in other sectors are applicable for MSPs, too.

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow. The important thing is not to stop questioning.”

-Albert Einstein 


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