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As you know, it’s much easier for retailers to profit from customer retention for repeat sales than it is to acquire new customers.

It’s also true that October through December is the most-profitable time of the year for retailers right?

Here’s another premise to consider:

Once you attract new holiday shoppers and make them happy, it’s more advantageous to convert them to loyal customers throughout the year.

It’s indeed possible to boost your customer retention and sales throughout the year from new and longtime customers, if you capitalize on your holiday-shopping sales.

It’s also easier to entice them to refer their family and friends to you.

Tactics to implement:

Assess your customer-retention status

The first step in planning customer-retention initiatives is to accurately understand your situation. That calls for key performance indicators (KPIs).

With KPIs, it’s important to use best best procedures for effective analysis.

Continue to monitor your customer retention

Nonstop analysis is necessary to avoid the typical downsides in order to develop inevitable and reliable conclusions.

Set goals

Focusing on the right details is a skill conducive for strategic planning and setting goals.

Subscription offerings

There are a number of operational benefits from offering E-commerce subscriptions – higher customer retention plus stronger sales, healthier profit margins, convenient management of inventory and decreased shipping costs.

“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.”

-Shiv Singh

You can choose to solve your customers’ problems by providing services, publicizing new products or replenishing products.

You can also choose to fill your customers’ needs or to provide good gifts. If you do, be sure you offer a gift-worthy subscription, and a procedure to keep the customer once the gift expires.

Customer loyalty plan

A customer-loyalty plan is key to capturing repeat business – encouraging loyalty and remarketing to former customers.

Pick a customer-loyalty application for E-commerce. But understand which app helps you to achieve your goals.

At the minimum, you must obtain customer information (and permission) to send marketing messages, and to entice more purchases. You will accomplish this, if you offer rewards for long-term repeat business.

Email marketing

Don’t be boring and irrelevant by sending the same email over and over again.

Schedule a campaign with a myriad of emails at key times in what’s called drip or win-back campaigns.

Automate your emails to engage your prospects and current customers.

Some ideas: Encourage recipients to join your loyalty program, post product reviews, ask for feedback on your customer service, engage in social media, or to share product information with their family members and friends.

Convey your appreciation

Seventy percent of the time when customers change their loyalties, it’s because they feel taken for granted.

Differentiate your company for providing a happy buying environment – email thank you messages.

Encourage your customers to stay in touch with you by emailing coupon codes for free products with a purchase, a new discount or free shipping.

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“The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.”

-Shiv Singh


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