In marketing campaigns, there’s nothing more frustrating than losing.

Failure leaves everyone in a quandary. But a lack of funds or a too-small war chest isn’t the salient reason for failure.

When a marketing campaign fails, there are many possible reasons.

The 14 reasons:

1. Inadequate analysis of the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats.

2. Drawing incorrect conclusions from the analysis, which leads to ineffective overall strategic planning.

3. Unrealistic budgeting.

4. Ineffective testing of ideas and messaging.

5. Arrogance or over-confidence.

6. Poor coordination with centers of influence.

7. Ineffective teamwork and communication among stakeholders.

8. Targeting the wrong market — “know thy audience.”

9. Lack of job descriptions – who will do what and when?

10. Wrong people in many key positions.

11. Poor positioning in attributes and benefit statements or value propositons.

No detail is too small: In collateral, from colors to font choices, or in developing centers of influence for the multiplier effect. But don’t get paralysis from analysis.

12. Ineffective allocation of promotional funds – wrong mediums preventing top-of-mind awareness in the target audience.

13. Unproductive evaluation of the campaign and return on investment.

14. Unsuccessful responses to negative surprises and failure to capitalize on opportunities.

Not to over-simplify, in essence, the key is to properly plan but only after you perform a strategic analysis.

Identify your centers of influence and strategic partners, quantify your goals, make a budget, identify your target audience, test your messaging, implement your plan, create a positive image, create a call for action, continually evaluate your progress, and respond to challenges and create opportunities.

No detail is too small: In collateral, from colors to font choices, or in developing centers of influence for the multiplier effect. But don’t get paralysis from analysis.

Plan your campaign to reach each person in your target audience with a positive message for a minimum of five times. That’s the magic number to be consistent in developing trust for optimal results.

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Wherever you see a successful business, someone once made a courageous decision.
-Peter F. Drucker


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