There are four best practices you if you want strong ranking from Google’s search rank algorithms, higher click-through rates and more social sharing from your content and press releases.

That’s according to the 2014 Ranking Factors Study from Searchmetrics. The study shows the four practices improve message visibility and campaign results on the Internet.

Furthermore, quality content can produce the signals that help will drive your Web site to the top of the search results.

In turn, this generates earned media, influences buyer journeys and drives the sort of social sharing and user actions that amplify messages and drive brand stories deep into new audiences.

It also means lasting visibility for the message and better return on the PR and marketing investment for the brand.

The report also concludes that Google is heavily influenced by the actions of users after they see your content.

For instance, whether they click on links, or if or how often they share your content on their social networks.

Simply put, Google looks for relevance.

So for strong results from your blog, articles, press releases or other online content, be diligent.

… quality content can produce the signals that help will drive your Web site to the top of the search results.

Here are the four key tactics:

1. Call to action 

The study shows many public relations professionals fail to insert a quality call-to-action CTA) with a link early in their press releases. That means inserting a CTA after the first or second paragraph.

2. Multiple visuals

The study shows nearly 50 percent of the “top performing press releases use multi-media.

Eighty-six percent of PR pros fail to use multi-media elements. Rich media will capture more attention for your message and increase the potential for additional message amplification when people share individual visual elements socially.

In other words, it creates pathways back to the core message.

3. Authenticity

Searchmetrics now concludes you must write naturally – a mix of keywords, key phrases and acronyms. Don’t repeat the same words or phrases. The search engines think it’s spam when you do. Of course, it bores readers.

4. Be comprehensive

As you no doubt know, Google has long judged your Web site on content quality. But unless you are a mega brand, new research reveals vital factors about Google’s algorithm changes. Google looks for content quality – comprehensive information, but content that’s easy-to-understand.

This means your site probably entices users to stay on your site longer and has higher click-through rates. And you have effective internal links and quick-loading pages with less advertisements.

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To write with a broken pencil is pointless.


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