If you’re talented in recruiting the best talent, talented applicants will appreciate your talent. That underscores the need to partner with information technology in online recruiting.

Given the importance of recruiting, it’s shocking to hear steady complaints from talented people about the ineffective online processes when they apply for a position.

Human resources departments are criticized nonstop about their poor practices in the online recruiting process. The problem is widespread. But nothing ever seems to get done.

If the application process is too difficult, a top salary isn’t always appealing to talented people. They must feel comfortable in four other ways.

They will apply to your company if they feel positive in their five critical perceptions:

— About the CEO and HR professionals

— Image of the company

— The utility of the job (what it will do for their careers)

— Convenience in applying

— Salary

If you have an inefficient process, there are multiple ramifications in the competition for talent: Poorly constructed processes aggravate applicants. Many of the best applicants avoid applying online. The images of the HR department and the image of the employer suffer.

Unfortunately, the online recruiting problems are rampant. So even though I’m a business-performance consultant focused on helping businesses alleviate uncertainty, this portal has scores of HR tips and dozens of career tips.

Not to be offensive, but the problems associated with online application have also prompted me to explain how to avoid applying for jobs online.

But if a job seeker is compelled to apply online, I’ve written six tips on how to shine in an online application.

At first blush, online recruiting would seem ideal for saving time and screening candidates. But organizations self destruct in the process. The most talented employees are tech-savvy, which is what they expect of their new employers.

The most talented employees are tech-savvy, which is what they expect of their new employers.

Five simple strategies for fixing your online recruiting:

1. Test to see if your system is user friendly

Try using your system, personally. Think like an applicant. Participate in the process.

Make certain your implementation is functioning well for the best application experience. Check to see if your instructions are clear; east-to-read and understand.

2. Evaluate your keywords

Sans a careful strategy on keywords, you risk screening out good candidates. The idea is to screen them in, not out.

3. Make sure your tracking system works

You must insist on accuracy and efficiency in your recruitment record-keeping.

Plus, it’s a turnoff to top applicants if they feel unappreciated or neglected. If you don’t appear to be courteous, you won’t attract courteous applicants. And you know what happens to your culture if you hire people who don’t have soft skills.

4. Respond with automated confirmations

You must alleviate any possible doubt. Let your applicants know their submissions were received and that they’ll receive consideration from you.

Provide a status report. Let applicants know if they’re still being considered, whether the job has been filled or if they’ll be considered for other positions and give a time frame of perhaps six months.

5. If your system fails, consider other options

If you can’t get your system to work well, go back to the old e-mail process. Ask your candidates to contact you via e-mail with a Word attachment.

Don’t risk losing good candidates. Read the cover letters and resumes, and respond appropriately. Top applicants will appreciate a personal touch.

Finally, if your current IT people can’t deliver a system to give you a competitive edge in recruiting, then do something about it. The difference between failure and success requires reflection to hire for the right IT competencies.

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“One of my greatest talents is recognizing talent in others and giving them the forum to shine.”

-Tory Burch


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