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To understand your retail-store marketing dilemmas prompted by the, consider your situation and your personal shopping preferences.

If you think about your personal and B2B shopping and buying habits, you appreciate companies that perfect their approach to personalize their customer service, right?

That’s because a personalized customer experience creates positive impressions – an image of value and shopping enjoyment.

Consider applying these principles to marketing your company, products and services.

For your business competitiveness and long-term sustainability, your company needs to understand your prospective target audience enough in order to drive engagement with them.

Agility in marketing

Agility in marketing is the key phrase you need to remember for higher retail sales.

Our evolving culture demands it.


With the increasing advances in the Digital Age, consumers have come to expect that your company understands them and meets their needs.

To succeed long-term, your business needs to create positive consumer experiences and customer experiences. For that you need to enhance your customer touch-points.


So you need to make advances in MarTech – a buzz word that combines marketing with technology.

According to published reports in 2016, 38 percent of retail sales were influenced by mobile devices. That’s a major increase from only 5 percent just three years earlier.

But in 2017, less than half of retailers were able to gauge their impact of digital marketing on in-store sales.

When successful in attracting shoppers to their stores, 89.3 percent of customers share location data for in-store discounts.

Therefore, you need a myriad of MarTech abilities such as subscription tasks, lead generation, empirical customer data, marketing outside your bricks-and-mortar locations to lure shoppers, in-store mobile marketing, in-store music ambience and a capability to receive customer feedback.

Not convinced? Consider this infographic courtesy of CUBE,

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“You’d be surprised how difficult it is relinquish a cell phone.”

-Adrien Brody


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