Will you maximize the return on investment in your next event? Whether you’re a nonprofit or business, great social media strategy will promote your event and your brand.

In addition, even after your event it’s possible to enhance your return from social-media investment.

Ironically, aside from your time, your social-media investment is free.

To prepare for your event with social media, you’ll need a registration page for people to sign up to attend. Make sure you accessorize your efforts.

That means your registration page and Web site should have the same unique image and look. Be prepared to drive every social medium to your registration page.

The first social media to use is a Facebook event page.

Not only will people be able to sign up to attend, but their Facebook connections will see the signups on their news feeds, and they’ll easily be able to invite their friends for additional publicity.

Develop a list of your Centers of Influence – key passionate people who could influence more attendees.

So post regularly, use pictures and videos, solicit people to RSVP, and tag people so their friends will notice.

Don’t forget to be gracious about your participants. It’s especially important to recognize your volunteers and donors.

Again, tag them in your posts to increase chances that their friends – people just like them – will notice.

Scroll down to the Coach’s Corner for relevant social-media tips following this infographic by http://www.lakeshorecc.ca/weddings.

How You Can leverage Social Media for Your Next Event

From the Coach’s Corner, here are relevant social media tips:

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“Focus on how to be social, not on how to do social.”

-Jay Baer


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