How political correctness in the wake of the Orlando, Paris and San Bernardino attacks threatened America’s free-enterprise system


Presidents Franklin Roosevelt and John F. Kennedy, both Democrats, won wide respect for their handling of monster threats to America. Plus, both presidents did not hesitate to identify the enemies, call them out on their lies, and to take decisive action.

Americans – Democrats and Republicans – were greatly inspired by the vision and character of each president.

President Roosevelt successfully led America through two crises – the Great Depression and World War II. Even though Americans wanted revenge against the Japanese, President Roosevelt knew the biggest threat was Nazi Germany.

President Kennedy stared down the Soviet Union when it built strategic missiles in Cuba serving as threats of mass destruction to the United States. In fact, he used the phrase, weapons of mass destruction.

In a speech before a joint session of Congress on December 8, 1941, President Roosevelt made Americans proud in his response to the Japanese surprise attack on Pearl Harbor that killed more than 2,400 Americans. A deafening, loud standing ovation erupted.

“…this form of treachery shall never again endanger us…we will gain the inevitable triumph so help us God.”

-President Roosevelt

President Roosevelt was inspiring for two men – personally important to me – who served in World War II.

My father, who long ago passed away, heroically fought the Japanese in the bloody campaign for New Guinea. Success meant strategic help for the U.S. Navy’s push in the Pacific Ocean and the U.S. Army’s liberation of the Philippines from the Japanese.

My beloved stepdad, whom my mother later married just before the Cuban Missile Crisis, served in the occupation of Japan immediately following the war.

So to honor their legacies of patriotism and courage – in the wake of the terror attacks in America  – I feel compelled to point out the lessons taught us by the two great presidents in times of crisis.

These are historic lessons that President Trump understands. But the Obama Administration didn’t appear to want, understand or acknowledge.

The following video shows President Roosevelt’s response to Pearl Harbor.

This second video shows President Kennedy did not cower as our leader on Oct. 22, 1962 in his televised speech to the nation.

Despite the strong performances of two legendary role models in his own political party, President Obama opted for political correctness that threatened Americans.

He did admit the Orlando shootings — the worst mass shooting in the U.S. — were an act of terror and hate, but once again hid behind his gun-control smokescreen instead of naming the root cause of such violence.

Only after the FBI proclaimed the San Bernardino mass murders a result of terrorism, did President Obama he reluctantly admit the cause was indeed terrorism.

But he fell woefully short of the mark by refusing to characterize it as radical Islamic terrorism.

As a result: Unlike the actions and words of President Roosevelt and Kennedy, Mr. Obama’s refusal meant Americans were the most uncomfortable they’d been since the terrorist attacks on New York City on 9/11.

This is mind blowing now that we all know radical Islam has repeatedly declared war on America. Yet, Mr. Obama dismissed ISIS as a mere “JV team.” Thankfully, his successor, President Trump, unleashed the military to all but annihilate ISIS.

Just hours prior to the Paris attacks, President Obama claimed ISIS was contained.

He accused patriotic Americans of being Islamaphobic. He said they’re verbally offensive.

In his speech the night before the 74th anniversary of the Pearl Harbor attack, Mr. Obama disingenuously tried to switch to a political discussion on gun control.

Incredibly, he blamed terrorism violence on the Second Amendment. The issue here is not gun control; it is about border control and sovereignty to protect freedom for Americans.

Catastrophic nuclear Iran deal

He pushed through the catastrophic nuclear Iran deal, which handed over $150 billion to the adversaries. Publicly, Iranians continually shout “death to America.”

He failed to see how or why Americans felt threatened about these well-financed deadly attacks. In fact, Mr. Obama’s failures only served to embolden the terrorists because it aided their PR efforts to attract more fanatics as soldiers.

As it is, terrorism necessitates two dozen American security officials – the FBI, NSA, and state and local enforcement – to monitor just one suspected terrorist. The FBI has said there are perhaps 1,000 suspects at-large.

The San Bernardino mass murderers were not even included on the list of suspects.


Yet one of them, Tashfeen Malik, was easily admitted to the country only to abandon her six-month child when she left home to commit her carnage on the co-workers of her husband who had recently honored them with a baby shower.

Her husband, Syed Farook, even advocated the destruction of Israel, according to his father in the aftermath of the slayings.

The FBI learned they were radicalized and chose to hide it.

To say the least, this political correctness fetish was dangerously, dangerously unconscionable. Radical Islamic terrorism is the 21st century version of World War II and the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Mr. Obama’s first priority was to protect Americans – acknowledging the crisis and developing an effective strategic plan of attack – not engaging in political correctness.

Then, perhaps, Mr. Obama would have honored the legacies of Presidents Roosevelt and Kennedy, and America’s free-enterprise system will survive.

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“…the greatest danger of all would be to do nothing.”
-President Kennedy


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