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Your business is not alone when it comes to the high costs incurred in the recruitment of job applicants online. Most job seekers get frustrated and quit in the middle of their online applications.

When job seekers quit the application process you lose in the recruitment of some of the best talent. Plus, your word-of-mouth recruitment is hurt when the applicants complain to their friends about your process.

So, poor online conversion increases your recruitment costs.

Lengthy applications do not weed out weak applicants. The opposite is true.

Strong candidates have a good sense of self-worth. They know their time is important, and they are fully aware they’ll get multiple job offers. They’re the quickest to quit the process.

Applicants are online at any hour of the day or night.

Increase your conversion rates with 10 tips:

1. In your messaging to the right candidates, explain your team and company culture, and adequately explain to applicants your WIIFM statement – “what’s in it for me.”

2. Keep in mind that your application is being viewed in multiple formats – desktops, notebooks and mobile devices.

Among Millennials, the vast majority use smartphones. So be user-friendly.

3. Keep a balance in what’s convenient for you and what’s convenient for applicants. Minimize the length of the application process.

Try to reduce your application process to as few as five minutes.

4. Strategically decide what information you need initially to screen applicants. That would include their names, contact information, and resume or LinkedIn profile.

Avoid asking applicants to click on five or six screens upfront.

5. Don’t cause repetitive steps. After applicants have inserted a resume, they resent having to re-insert it again into an applicant tracking system (ATS).

“Recruiting talent is no different than any other challenge a startup faces. It’s all about selling.”

-Vivek Wadhwa

6. Some employers require candidates to create a career-site account and an ATS account. Don’t require applicants to log into more than one account.

7. To help reduce your recruitment time and costs, remember you obviously won’t hire 99.9 percent of applicants. So don’t ask everyone to provide references.

Wait until you decide to hire a candidate before you ask for references.

8. If you use a cost-per-click pricing model, lower your costs by simplifying your application form.

9. Note the length of your application form is inflated on tablets and smartphones. Consider allowing applicants to apply with their LinkedIn profiles or resumes from Dropbox.

10. Pay adequate attention to your job descriptions. Include all pertinent details, which should total a minimum of 250 or 300 words. But don’t include unnecessary words or details.

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“Recruiting talent is no different than any other challenge a startup faces. It’s all about selling.”

-Vivek Wadhwa


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