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At first glance, the free WIFI service at Starbucks seems like a great idea for mobile professionals. Starbucks’ free Internet service was a response to growing competition.

McDonald’s upgraded coffee offerings and free WIFI, which have proved to be popular since the economic downturn. Starbucks launched its WIFI on July 1, 2010.

But the WIFI offering by Starbucks prompted a security warning and checklist from a go-to Internet security guru, Stan Stahl, Ph.D., of Citadel Information Group in Los Angeles.

Stan Stahl, Ph.D. —

His commentary was entitled, “Free WIFI at Starbucks – Reminder of Cybersecurity Risk.”

“While most of the common risk is eavesdropping, one cannot overlook the risk of computer compromise,” writes Dr. Stahl.

His five security recommendations:

1. No online banking or other eCommerce

2. No e-mail  containing sensitive information except via an approved encrypted link from PC to Mail Server

3. Keep anti-virus or host intrusion software up-to-date

4. Make sure software patches are up-to-date

5. Use VPN (virtual private network) for access to your office

Respectively, here are Dr. Stahl’s Web site and blog addresses:,

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“You can’t hold firewalls and intrusion detection systems accountable. You can only hold people accountable.”

-Daryl White


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