Here are color tips to improve visitor experience and to capture customers – including a great infographic on 40 facts about the psychology of colors.


Choosing the right color combinations for your site is crucial.

Why? Buying decisions are based on emotion. And colors influence emotions.

That’s right. Choosing the right colors will influence whether your visitors enjoy their visit to your site or whether they leave without buying from you.

So minimize the possibility of negative surprises.

If you choose the best colors for your products and services, you will increase your conversion rates.

Certain colors attract specific consumer demographics.

Some examples of colors of successful sites:

To influence impulse buying, black, red, orange or royal blue are usually used. Impulse buying is important for clearance sales, fast food restaurants, and outlet malls.

To impress sophisticated money-conscious people, navy blue and teal are used by financial institutions and upscale department stores.

Typical, traditional shoppers are drawn to pink, rose and sky-blue colors. That’s why many clothing stores use them.

Color also has an impact on gender preferences.

For a comprehensive look on the psychology of colors, here’s a highly informative infographic courtesy of the firm, Skilled,

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“The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing.”

-Tom Fishburne


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