Conversions for customer satisfaction are paramount in E-commerce, which is built on the concept of prompt service. If you want to attract and keep customers, you must use best practices in shipping.

So first realize you must avoid the three typical ways that annoy your customers:

  • If you fail to track down shipments.
  • If you inflate shipping costs to cover insurance costs.
  • If you make customers wait for reimbursements or replacements.

Because e-commerce is all about convenience in the minds of your customers, there are numerous steps you can take to improve your customers’ overall buying experience in addition to free shipping.

Proactive policies to implement: 

Cutoff times

To satiate your customers, who are anxious to receive their purchases, you must list your cutoff times for same-day shipping.

If you really want to be known as state-of-the-art, display a countdown timer which shows them what to expect.

For each shipping procedure, show dates and times

During checkout, show your time-frames indicating the days of shipping. Even better, provide messages that show “by this day” to reassure your customers who don’t want to be inconvenienced.

Ship quickly

In this Digital Age, your customers want to know your packaging and shipping time schedule. During peak sale periods, take appropriate staffing precautions.

Notify your customers with tracking information

Be sure to email — or even better — offer to text your customers regarding their orders. You’ll reduce the likelihood of headaches with customers who feel left in the dark and who are inclined to besiege you with status requests.

The goal should also be to show your customers the status of their orders and when they can expect delivery.

If there is a delay, note the customer will blame your business — no matter who is to blame.


Of course, the weather and other problems can cause packages to be rerouted. So communicate the issue with your carriers and customers.

Improve your shipping approach

If you have delays, prepare to provide upgrades in your shipping.

Options for delivery delays

If there’s a delay and you do charge for shipping, refund the shipping fee. Even if you provide free shipping, give your customer a credit or partial refund.

For a delay, consider a second shipment

Depending on the situation, sometimes in order to satisfy the customer, it’s best to just authorize a second shipment.

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“The reason it seems that price is all your customers care about is that you haven’t given them anything else to care about.”

 – Seth Godin


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