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Higher productivity for profits: How manufacturers are using technology including cobots to minimize or even eliminate repetitive tasks.

Critical for your success in manufacturing: Saving time and money to enjoy profits. In order to achieve this goal, it’s critical to eliminate repetitive and unnecessary tasks.

Successful manufacturers don’t use counterproductive manual processes.

However, despite innovative software manual, data entry collection of date costs employers time and money.

More than 40 percent of manufacturing employees are forced each week to waste 25 percent of their time and energy in performing manual, repetitive duties according to published reports.


So the solution is to eliminate obstacles by automatically collecting, uploading, synching data.

It would also improve employee morale. Reports indicate nearly 60 percent of such affected workers believe streamlining from automation would free up six hours or more of their workweek.

Managerial productivity would also improve from better automated processes in approvals, sign offs, status updates and confirmation requests.

Automation isn’t the only route to increased productivity by minimizing repetitive and manual tasks. So is modern robotic technology with artificial technology (AI) reduces injuries, labor expenses and unnecessarily boring functions that inhibit worker enthusiasm.


AI also enables increased modernization with cobots. That’s the shortened term for collaborative robots. Cobots allow for a direct human-robot relationship.

For peak performance, see the following infographic:

Repetitive Tasks in Manufacturing from Acieta, a robotic system integration company


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“Whether in services or in manufacturing, the trick is to stay ahead of the curve. I believe we should not wait to be disrupted – we should become disruptors ourselves.”

-Anand Mahindra


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