You have a 35 percent better chance of living longer if you feel happy. That’s the upshot from a 2011 British study that links feelings of happiness to longevity.

So the emphasis is on feelings. Makes sense, right? The study acknowledges some people inherently feel happy.

But there are environmental factors, such as dissatisfaction with a job or career field, or working or living with the wrong person.

The wrong job or living with a toxic person creates lots of stress.

The economy is again strong but if you’re like most businesspeople you probably need solutions to rejuvenate yourself and business.

And if business has got you down, here are tips for a morale boost.

In my experience, many people tend to allow pressures to become stress, and they have a lot of fears – even without realizing it.

These also stem from career challenges or having the wrong partner in business or at home.

Aside from being stuck in a career or changing partners, here are 24 stress management tips:

  1. Avoid sleep deprivation. Insomnia and sleep apnea lead to strokes, heart attacks and other health issues. If necessary, see a sleep physician.
  2. Drink enough water. It will help your mind and body.
  3. If you drink alcohol, do it in moderation.
  4. Create a balance sheet — a list of pros and cons of your work and personal life.
  5. Write affirmations about your qualities or talents. Read the list as often as you feel necessary.
  6. Write out your goals. Prioritize your career and personal life. Make necessary changes.
  7. Use effective time management strategies. They include avoiding clutter and post-it notes. Don’t work against deadlines. They trigger stress.
  8. When you finish a project, meet a deadline or accomplish a task, relish your success and celebrate it.
  9. Self effacement works. Poke fun at yourself. It’s OK to be serious, but not be overly dramatic about, so smile.
  10. Minimize junk food. Eat a balanced diet with plenty of fruit, salads and vegetables.
  11. Don’t stuff your feelings, but that doesn’t mean showing anger.
  12. Look for the silver lining in every situation – even be grateful for them because any negative situations can be opportunities for growth.
  13. Take time off and go on vacations. You can’t afford not to get a change of scenery.
  14. If you have a problem work to solve it ASAP. You’ll feel better faster and all other matters will be a proverbial piece of cake.
  15. Do the things that promote healthy emotions. Be more accepting of events and people. You’ll find you won’t be so hard on yourself. Perfectionism leads to stress, too.
  16. Be generous with compliments. Look for opportunities to confidentially to pat others and yourself on the back.
  17. Do everything gently – whether it be setting objects on a table or talking with others.
  18. Make family and good friends a priority.
  19. Enjoy your hobbies.
  20. Get exercise. Cardio workouts are best. At the minimum, do a lot of walking.
  21. Remember there are many forms of success. It’s not always about money.
  22. Make decisions promptly. Over analysis leads to paralysis. If you have good self esteem, you won’t be constantly engaging in self doubt.
  23. Remember you’re never saddled with anything you can’t handle. Some events or people early in your life have prepared you for today.
  24. If all else fails, look around for someone less fortunate to help. A volunteer spirit works wonders.

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If you ask what is the single most important key to longevity, I would have to say it is avoiding worry, stress and tension. And if you didn’t ask me, I’d still have to say it.”

-George Burns


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